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Paul’s Yamaha

Nymphs coming out of the ground at night. On May 29th there were so many emerging you could literally hear them crawling up the trees.


We caught this one just coming out of his shell. You can see the shell behind him.

This is one of the first hatches on May 24th.

These below are what my lilies and hedges looked like in early June 2007


These are the slits they make in the trees to deposit their eggs.


Goodbye Little Buggies. We’ll see you again in 2024!



Cicadas, Cicadas EVERYWHERE

In spring/summer 2007 we were hit by the 17 year cicadas Brood Xlll :-) It’s the largest brood of all of them and it was right here in Villa Park. Neither of us remember this many bugs. We must not have been in a hard hit area before. We’re not complaining though, we both thought they were kinda cool. They are nice little bugs as far as bugs go. Very photogenic. This little cutie crawling all over my web page was also the star of my  Cicada Season’s smock for work. He’s also stared on a few t-shirts I made. Here’s some pictures of our yard full of cicadas. Wilson loved to graze on them, however Skip prefers his dog food ; )