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We really miss our indoor koi pond. Maybe someday we will once again have these friendly creatures swimming effortlessly at the zoo.


Cheerio was a “Cover Girl” not a bad accomplishment for a fish.


I started out small, never realizing that koi could get as LARGE as they do.


Severely overstocked as most new koi owners are.


Then Paul and I started building a BIGGER home for these  crazy wet pets.

Our indoor pond was 5’ wide by 10’ long by 32” deep. We started with the overkill of 4x4s, we also put a threaded rod vertically through the middle of the 10’ run, I didn’t want it to warp ;-). Then we lined it with foil backed insulation to keep the temperature stabile and to make sure there were no rough spots to poke through the liner. I didn’t want that much water leaking into the basement. It’s nearly 1000 gallons when you add the water in the filters.


Here it is with the liner in place, getting those folds was no easy task. Once you get the idea though it’s pretty easy. It’s almost like wrapping a present in reverse.     Then there’s the final product filled and netted.


My lovely DIY filter system. It did the trick!  And so easy to clean. I just loved being able to knife valve off the filtration from the pond while cleaning. The only downside is that I couldn’t run the pumps while I cleaned so the fish didn’t get circulation when I did maintenance.


Unfortunately, in order to accommodate 2 extra people living in this house, I put my love for my fish on hold. Rest assured, they have found great homes in the extremely qualified hands of Rich (Lotusman) Heimberger. A friend through Koivet and a super person who has his own pond business, The Healthy Pond.