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Paul’s Yamaha

Our yard in 1997 the back was just a holding spot for crap, or at least that is what the previous homeowners used it for.


A hummingbird moth on my hummingbird bush, who knew they really worked! Even if it only attracted the insect variety, it was still neat.


And the dragonfly nymph was a rescue from a friend’s pond. He evidently made it through the winter. Too bad he was gone before I got to see the finished dragonfly.


Our Pond

Our piece of tranquility right in our own back yard.

(of course it has to be Sharpie-proof since it is his favorite cooling spot)


A lot of hard work elbow grease, 2 decks a pond and some flagstone and Voilà serene retreat. DOGS WELCOME!


Building the pond with a 7’ round cattle watering trough as the main event. Elevated above the freeze line and retaining wall built around with room for planting. Oh, and a waterfall.

Don’t worry Paul, I have a vision in my head ;-)


Well if we’re building a pond, we should have a deck too.

Ok Paul, whatever you say!


Wow, even I was impressed with our work!